Here’s what we hear most often:

  1. You can reduce or eliminate excessively marked-down inventory, so you can keep your customers focused on full-priced, higher margin products.
  2. You can instantly use the resources to sell old inventory (staff time, floor space, marketing efforts, etc) on your most profitable products and best customers.
  3. You will sell more items at full price.
  4. You get effective sales support without using any additional resources.
  5. We offer free appraisals, free pick up and shipping for your inventory, and various payment options to meet your needs.

Surplus, old, and unproductive inventory takes up a disproportionate amount of resources (capital, staff time, rent, floor space, marketing efforts, etc.) compared to more profitable products. Thrivident provides an easy, effective, and secure method to sell excess inventory without a retailer using any additional resources.

We typically work with independent retailers in athletic footwear – specifically running, bike, triathlon, and outdoor sports.

We can best support athletic footwear with a retail value of $80 or more.

Payments are initiated once the inventory has been received and processed. This usually takes 3-5 business days.

Absolutely.  Your store will have a personal account manager who is available 24/7.

We start with a no obligation appraisal of your inventory

The Thrivident Inventory Appraisal is the best way to find the market value for your inventory.  Our team of expert footwear analysts will perform a full analysis of your inventory and send the report to you for free.  With the best information, you can make the best decision.

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