Selling your old inventory is easy!

The first step in the process is to send Thrivident a list of the UPCs you’d like to sell.  We’ll run a complete valuation report on your items to identify the current market value and optimal selling option.  There are three easy ways to send in your inventory.

  1. You can send a list of UPCs from your POS or inventory management system to
  2. Scan them in directly to
  3. Easily send them with an app. If you can take a picture, you’ll love this app.

This page will walk you through the easy steps to scan and send a UPC list through our app. You’ll find a two minute step by step video below.  In addition we have written out the easy steps with screenshots.

Download the Orca Scan App for your iOS or Android device:

Image result for download on the app store 

To learn more about the extra features of Orca Scan, please visit

You can be scanning and sending a list in less than 2 minutes!

Step 1:  Download The Orca Scan App – It’s available on iPhone, Android and Amazon.

Step 2: Open The Application

Step 3: Open The Settings  – We are going to change one setting to make scanning your UPCs even faster.  Please TURN OFF “Add detail after scan” and hit Done.

Step 4: Start Scanning – Hit the SCAN button at the bottom of the page.

Your camera will activate and place the red line on your barcode.  You will feel a small pulse or hear a beep after each scan.  When you’ve scanned all your UPCs, hit cancel.

Step 5: Send List To Thrivident – You’ll see your list of UPCs and their quantity. Select the EXPORT button to email your list.

Send email to  Please include your name, store name and best phone number to follow up with you.  You’ll get a confirmation email that we received your list.  Appraisals take one business day to complete.