The biggest retailers have great options for moving old inventory without disrupting the selling of their most current and profitable products. They can get rid of all of their old inventory in a single transaction using RAs or liquidation services.

The biggest brands have used liquidation services for decades with many of those items ending up in discount and outlet stores across the country.  They can get rid of an entire line of last years inventory easily.

What about the independent retailer who is a superhero to your customers and your community?

What about you?  

You could have another tent sale.  You could have another sidewalk sale.  You could haul it to another expo. You could re-merchandise.  You could put it in a storage unit and hope that the sleeping monster just will magically sell itself.  You could tell yourself that a couple of units here and there don’t make that big of a difference.

All of these come at a cost.  The cost is your time, your money and your best customers.  Every time you have a sale, you are conditioning your customers to make their purchases all about price.

You’ve put in the work.  You’ve built the trust. You have served your customers and community with purpose.

You deserve better

Thrivident helps footwear businesses easily sell old inventory in a single transaction.  This service is built for independent retailers by independent retailers.

How it works

1) Send a list of the inventory you’d like to sell:

We’ll do a full appraisal on your inventory.  This service is one we provide for free to retail businesses and helps you to know the market value of your inventory.  There’s no obligation and no fees for an appraisal.

2) Pick a price:

Based on your valuation, you’ll receive 1-3 custom selling options.  You’ll be able to pick a price an payment style that makes the most sense for your business.

3) Get paid:

You get cash in your pocket and we’ll take care of everything else. Thrivident will send you pre-paid UPS shipping labels, schedule a pickup, receive your inventory and notify you if you’ve accidentally sent any extra items.

Imagine good you would feel if you could sell all of your old inventory in a single transaction.

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