Thrivident is the optimal AR solution for manufacturers and retailers.

Thrivident is an accounts receivable support service for manufacturers to help them get paid fast and effectively.  We secure surplus inventory from retailers and pay their outstanding balances directly to the manufacturers with cash the next business day.

How it works:

  • A manufacturer presents Thrivident via an email intro to the retailer as an approved option to get caught up on past due bills.
  • A Thrivident advisor works directly with the retailer to secure enough out of season or dead inventory at a dollar amount that will bring the retail account current. Thrivident secures inventory lists and sends pre-paid shipping labels to the retailer.
  • Once the inventory arrives in our Richmond, VA office our team inspects and receives inbound inventory. Upon confirmation of inventory, a manufacturer is paid via direct deposit the next business day.
  • Once payment is received by the manufacturer, a confirmation letter is sent to all concerning parties that the debt has been resolved and the account is current.


Q: What kind of inventory does Thrivident work with?

A: Thrivident only works with aging, out of season inventory.  Our expertise is footwear and select accessories.


Q: What does Thrivident do with the secured inventory?

A: Most items are sold in “as is” condition online.


Q: What happens if the distressed retailer sends some of manufacturers (AR client) inventory in their shipment to Thrivident?

A: These items are returned to the manufacturer or sold at an agreed upon price. Thrivident can help retailers with RA logistics.


Q: Does Thrivident charge upfront fees?

A:  Absolutely not.


Q:  Who pays for shipping?

A:  Thrivident pays for all shipping.


Q: How long does it take for a manufacturer to get paid?

A:  Once the inventory is accounted for, payments are initiated via direct deposit the next business day.  In many instances, the time between an introduction to the retailer and payment to the manufacturer is one week.


Q:  How does Thrivident make money in this transaction?

A: Thrivident charges a performance fee based on the value of the past due invoice and the amount of inventory that is able to be secured.

How is Thrivident is a better that a collections agency?

  • Manufacturers get paid first.
  • Accounts are made current faster and at better rates than a collections agency.
  • Retailers can use the cash tied up in old inventory to get current on outstanding invoices.
  • Struggling retailers get an awesome lifeline.
  • Sales reps keep their commissions.

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