Top Tools For Quality Control

Customers have come to expect products to be in perfect condition. To ensure that your items look perfect right out of the box each and every time, we have identified three of our favorite products.  We will help to make sure your shipping, presentation and cleanliness are perfect.

Heat Gun

Ready to get your shoes in new condition?  Removing stickers is one of the very first steps.  Stay away from adhesive remover and any liquids.  The best way to remove stickers and protect the integrity of your box is with a heat gun.


Protecting your inventory during transport involves three important steps.  Make sure you have a great box, a tight packing style and strong tape Get the highest quality tape that you can afford.

Steam Cleaner

The best way to clean the soles of your shoes is with a pressurized steam cleaner This is the best tool to remove even the most difficult dirt and ensure your products look perfect for your customers.

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