Learn how to scan inventory for your retail partners to help then get a 360 Inventory Valuation Report.  With the best information, you can help them find the best options for their older inventory.

Step 1: Add the Thrivident Appraisal Tool on your smartphone.

Step 2: Sync the Bluetooth scanner with your smartphone.

Step 3: Click on the Thrivident Appraisal Tool icon and enter the store information for your retailer.

Step 4: Put your cursor in the text box that reads “Insert UPCs ” and turn on your scanner.

Step 5: Scan the UPC bar codes on the inventory.

Step 6: Hit SEND and you are all done.

Once the inventory is submitted the inventory list comes right to the appraisal team at Thrivident.

  • Using the best technology available, we’ll pull the current selling prices and data for each piece of inventory.
  • Next we’ll compare that sales data with Thrivident’s databases and an account advisor will perform a complete analysis.
  • The easy to read report will be sent with current market value of each item and options for selling the inventory.  This is a free service with no obligations.  It is our way to help retailers get the best information, even if Thrivident may not be the best fit.

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