Syncing your Bluetooth scanner to your phone is super easy and takes 3 minutes or less.  Check out the video below and our step by step instructions.

Step 1: Turn your scanner on.

Step 2:  Follow the step by step instructions 1-6 on your barcode sheet.

Step 3: Turn your scanner off, you’ll hear two beeps.  Then turn it back on, you’ll hear one long beep.

Step 4: Go to your phone and select Settings.

Step 5: Turn Bluetooth on.

Step 6: Your phone will scan for available Bluetooth devices.  The scanner will appear with the first two digits saying CT then followed by some numbers.  Select this option.

Step 7: Your phone will give you a four digit code.

Step 8: Scan the corresponding numbers in order on your bar code sheet, follow by the final bar code “exit without save”.

Step 9: You should be connected.  Give yourself a pat on the back, because you are ready to go help some people move their old items.

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